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Most of the procedures done in our office cost $350. The "medical abortion", using only pills to trigger an induced "miscarriage", costs $390. But if you are 9 weeks into pregnancy or more the price increases. For example, at 18 weeks the fee is $1,800. But it might be several dollars less if you tell us that you need financial assistance, which is available.

We will not charge extra for the IV sedation, knowing that most all surgical patients, especially those over 9.0 weeks, can and should use IV sedation.  Other offices quote a surgical fee but later add well over $100 for the IV sedation.  Please ask other offices if that is the case when you are comparing fees.

About 1 in 15 women has a blood type called “Rh negative.”  If you are that 1 in 15, there is an $80 fee for the RhoGam medicine you will need; if you are over 12.0 weeks it is $110.  If you have proof of your blood type you can know if you’ll need that medicine; if you do not, we will do a simple test in our office to tell you”  Other offices do things similarly – ask what their fees for RhoGam are

Vicodin for cramps and discomfort is available for you to take home for $20.

No other office provides this level of strong sedation, one-on-one care, and continuous monitoring for so low a price.

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Simply call us at 303-991-7700.

We will ask you several questions about your needs and medical situation.

If it appears to us that we may be in a position to help you with your decision, or with medical care or referrals, we will set an appointment as soon as possible.

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