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Surgical procedures done in our office start at $440. That fee includes the ultrasound, IV sedation, recovery and a follow up visit after 2 weeks. The fee increases the further along the pregnancy is.  At 9 weeks the cost is $490, at

12 weeks the cost is $530 and so on. You may choose to terminate the pregnancy using the medical abortion pill (RU-486 or Mifeprex).  We offer that for patients  who are less than 10 weeks. The cost is $440.  All funds are collected prior to beginning the abortion. If you need financial assistance please tell the receptionist when making your appointment.  We are able to give you information regarding help available to you through our office.

About 1 in 20 women have a blood type called “Rh negative.”  If you are that 1 in 20 there is an additional $90 fee for the RhoGam injection you will need.  If you  you do not know your blood type we will do a simple test (at no additional cost) to

let you know what it is. What is the Rh factor?  It is a normal protein that most women naturally have. However, some do not. If you do not have this protein and do not receive the injection at the time of termination it likely will cause problems with a future pregnancy. An Rh negative patient will always get this shot, with every pregnancy, whether she delivers, aborts or has a miscarriage.

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